A Marxist View of the 20th Century

Alan Woods, editor of the website "In Defence of Marxism", Marxist.com, looks at the history of the 20th century.

Short biography, based on Wikipedia:

Alan Woods (born in Swansea, Wales in 1944) is a Trotskyite politician and writer. He is one of the leaders of the International Marxist Tendency and editor of the website "In Defence of Marxism".
Alan Woods was born into a working-class family with a strong Communist tradition. At the age of 16, he joined the Young Socialists and became a Marxist joining the Militant Tendency, a Trotskyite group operating within the Labour Party.
He studied Russian at Sussex University and later in Sofia (Bulgaria) and at the Moscow State University (MGU). Together with his wife and two small daughters, he moved to Spain in the early 1970s, where he participated in the struggle against the Franco dictatorship.
In the early 1990s Woods and his mentor, Ted Grant, were expelled from the Militant Tendency and its parent organization, the Committee for a Workers International over what they considered to be the ultra left turn of this organization.
Grant and Woods and their supporters internationally formed the Committee for a Marxist International in 1992, later renamed as the International Marxist Tendency.
Alan Woods was also the editor of the Marxist journal Socialist Appeal, published in London, now edited by Mick Brooks.

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